Analytics didn’t always used to be easy…for anyone (not even us techies). Setting up analytics can be downright confusing and overwhelming for the ordinary human to understand, decipher, and create. In most cases companies just forego analytics becuase of the frustration of setting up the analytic reports in the first place. Not to mention the cost it takes to have a developer create.

There was never really a “good” way to easily provide historical data to internal or external users. For example, you work at a sales company and want to see a line chart of your company’s yearly sales by month, see a pie chart of your sales divided out by each employee, or maybe even a map with geo-locations of where each sale was made.  If I’ve peaked your interest, allow me to tell you Google now allows you to create such reports that even your CLIENTS will understand. Introducing Google Data Studio.


I’m interested!!! What is this so called Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio gives you all the tools necessary to turn your collected data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualization. These reports are so easy to read, easy to share and even customizable to each of your clients, projects, processes, etc. You can select how you want to present the data — bar graphs, charts, line graphs, maps and so on. You even have control over formatting, like fonts, colors, photos (such as your company’s logo).

Okay but let’s talk about the one of the coolest features Data Studio offers…you can pull in pretty much any data you can put into Google Sheets. What kind of data you ask? Almost anything!! For example, you can import social media data (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), data collected in Excel, data collected on your external system, any reporting information you have on a Google Sheet can be pulled into Google Data Studio.Google Data Studio Shot

These analytic reports are also dynamic, so when there’s an update to the data source, the new information automatically displays on any report. What’s even better is these reports are shareable!  Grant people access to view the reports, or even allow them to make changes. Sharing these reports are going to be the same as you have before using any Google product; such as, Google Drive, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. This is great if you want to share your report with your clients or anyone on your team.

How do I get Google Data Studio?

To access Google Data Studio, visit and log in using your Google login information. There’s a great report already created for your reference, or you can even use it as a template!

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