New Features

As usual, the Windows release will follow approximately 2 weeks after iOS and Android release. The new app version number (as seen in the bottom right of the app’s Settings screen) ends in 4.95 for Android and iOS, and ends in 5.55 for Windows. Keep you eye out for app updates.

New REST Field Type (Premium Accounts Only)

We are super excited about this feature. The new field type enables you to issue a REST request in JSON or XML to an external web service. The result of the request is stored in the REST field, and you then may access the resulting values through existing JSONVAL() and XMLVAL() formula functions.

Pulling data from any API directly into your apps is something our developers have wanted to offer for a long time, and the REST field is a big part of making this happen. We can’t wait to see how you use this and plan to keep improving this field based on your feedback. Leveraging REST responses is also expected to make its way into other platform areas in the future – it’s just getting started!

Better Notifications

The notifications are is getting a facelift to better handle many notices and provide more information about failures and other various notices displayed. There is more planned for this area in the next release – including email of errors (yes, it’s finally coming!).

Windows App Notifications

The Windows app has not provided support for receiving notifications from the platform (e.g. when a new Task is assigned to a user). This will be changing in this release as the Windows app will now be allowed to run in the background (desktop tray) and to receive and popup notices as they arrive.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Improve app logins to allow the same username and password combination to be used across organization accounts. Particularly useful for our Enterprise Toolkit clients.
  • Where Form settings explicitly have “don’t save changes” checked, do not save a form entry upon Force Sync.
  • When a user tries to login to the web dashboard where they have not been granted access, display a more appropriate message when the user does not have appropriate rights.
  • Fix image annotation button placement on iPhone X.
  • Various fixes to Android 7 and 8 compatibility issues.
  • When an Action button is required, improvements to the validation summary have been made.
  • In particular scenarios, some fixes are coming for filtering within Choices fields.
  • Force Sync is improved for specific device use cases.

What Happened to Populating a Table from a Data Source

Unfortunately the preview of this feature revealed some issues that need to be resolved before it can be considered production quality. Our developers are currently working on this and hope to add the feature back into a release in early 2019.