Project Description

Administration – Cross Industry Apps

mobile administrationMobile Administration can give your employees a major boost of keeping up with paperwork like never before.

For on-the-go workers, Mobile Administration forms ensure that the time creating forms is reduced.  As well, the time between when an employee needs something to the time it is received at your central office is instantaneous.

With Forms On Fire, you can manage your workforce more effectively by capturing and recording the critical data your business uses in an easy to use searchable database.  Data is instantly available from the web, smartphones or tablets.  Office and on-the-go employees can streamline tasks like overtime work approval, leave requests, performance reviews, job applications and more.  Our flexible mobile first, cloud first software adapts to your business processes no matter how complex.

Mobile Administration includes a set of cross-industry applications that enhances your core industry mobile forms.  Whether you are a field service, construction, healthcare, manufacturing or even non-profit, our Mobile Administration forms will give you a boost.

Build your own forms or start with one of our pre-built Mobile Administration forms.  Not just forms but applications that will prove to delight your employees and your boss!  Some of our cross-industry pre-built Mobile Administration forms include:

  • After Hours Work Approval
  • Correction Notice
  • Electrical Work Order Notice
  • Employee Leave Request
  • Employee Performance Review
  • Employee
  • Job Application Form
  • Professional Development Workshop Registration
  • Service Invoice

Forms On Fire is available on tablets or smartphones for iOS or Android.  See our Pricing page for more details.  Build forms yourself or check out our Services page for a little help or complete development.