FOF102 – Functional Mobile Designs

FOF102 – Functional Mobile Designs


Dive into some more advanced features and functionality users can utalize when designing their mobile forms during your 1-on-1, 2-hour FOF102 training class!


FOF102 – Functional Mobile Designs

  • Learn the fundamentals of Data Sources, Connectors, and Logic in this 1-on-1 training class
  • Running time 3-4 hours that can be divided into separate sessions
  • Session 1 – Data Sources
    • Learn the system functions and options available for Data Sources
    • Learn about the system generated Data Sources
    • Step-by-step walk-through of creating a new Data Source
    • Guide to integrating a Data Source with a form to populate data
  • Session 2 – Connectors
    • Learn the system functions and options for Connectors
    • Step-by-step walk-through of creating an email Connector with a PDF output
    • Tips on creating a BEAUTIFUL HTML email body
    • Guide to configuring Organization level Connections for submitting data externally
  • Session 3 – Logic
    • Introduction to our built-in logic engine
    • Learn how to use the most common logic functions
    • Learn ways to build conditional logic
    • Guide to system pre-built functions