Simplify your life in InfoPath with Drop Down lists for US States or Country selection

Building drop down lists for is a great solution for manually building US states and abbreviations or even worse all 239 (as of 08/20/2012) countries. This can be very tedious.  Creating a SharePoint-based list is one way to save time, but it also adds another list to be maintained in SharePoint, implies that SharePoint is available or that it makes sense to connect a form to SharePoint that otherwise may not have needed the data connection.

In these situations, we find that an XML-based data connection works best.

Creating the lists took but only 30 minutes, but sometimes properly formatting the XML for InfoPath can be an issue.  We have shared these XML files in the hope that it may prove to be a useful tool for our clients as they develop forms for their business.

Drop Down lists

Click here to download an XML file of all 50 US states
Click here to download an XML file of all 239 countries

Note:   The list of countries, numbering, A2 and A3 ISO codes were referenced from the following list: