Table Field

Table Field

Thanks for joining me for the designing forms series! Today we’re going to learn all about the table in the Forms On Table Field on DeviceFire form designer. You’re designing your mobile form using the Forms On Fire form designer, awesome!  The hard part is out of the way.

The table field can be used whenever you want to repeat questions or show multiple fields on the same screen. The table field is the chart icon on the left-hand side of the form designer.  Don’t forget, click on the question mark with the red circle above the fields to show more in-depth descriptions.

To add a table field to your form, just click on icon and the new field will appear at the bottom of the form designer OR click and drag your field to where you want to place it in your form. Click on your newly added field to display the properties on the right-hand side of the form designer.  You can completely customize the look, feel, and even functionality of your field.Table Field Icon

The new row button properties allow you to customize the button which allows the user to add new rows to the table. If left blank, a standard button is shown with text of “Add Row” or local equivalent. The row limits properties allows you to define a minimum and maximum for rows the table can contain. Please note the maximum can be no larger than 50 rows.Table Field Properties

By default, mobile users can delete rows via a button provided at the top of each row page.  The prevent deletion of rows option removes the button, preventing deletion.  This is useful for cases such as pre-populated and/or fixed table rows.

Enable users on-the-go to capture repeating data as they fill out their mobile forms.

Now you know how to use the table field on the Forms On Fire form designer! Call our technical support if you have any questions about this tutorial. Comment below with what you’d like to see next! Join me for our next tutorial video.


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