Generate a unique number sequence using your own custom format. This feature is available in both online, real-time capable scenarios or offline.

You can define the format of an automatic number sequence using template syntax when numbers are generated online, as follows:

Your format MUST include !NUM! which is the sequence placeholder.

!NUM!-ORD generates 0001-ORD
PO-{{category}}-!NUM! generates PO-STOCK-0001
{(USERLASTNAME())}-!NUM! generates SMITH-0001.

As numbers are generated immediately (assuming user is online), only Choices fields are permitted to be referenced in your Number Format. This is to prevent unnecessarily incrementing your sequence (e.g. fetching a new number for each character a user types into a referenced Text field)

By default Auto-Numbers are generated while the user is capturing a Form entry, however this requires the device to have an internet connection at the time of capture. Selecting Generate on Upload changes Auto-Number behavior to generate only when the Form entry is uploaded to the platform, thus enabling this Form to be used in offline scenarios.
NOTE: Using this option means that the Auto-Number value will not available to the user on their device; the value will only be populated on our web dashboard as well as in PDF and other connector outputs.

Sequence Uniqueness determines the uniqueness conditions for the numeric sequence of the auto-number.

Unique per Entry means that every new entry of this Form will increment the sequence.
Unique per Format Result means that each distinct result of the generation formula is treated as a new sequence start. Format uniqueness is organization-wide, so the same sequence can drive auto-numbers in multiple Forms if these share the same formatting formula.

e.g. Assume a number format of {{mychoice}}-!NUM!
where mychoice has options of ‘STOCK’ and ‘TIME’.
Entry uniqueness will generate numbers like:
STOCK-0001, TIME-0002, TIME-0003 etc
Format uniqueness would generate numbers like:
STOCK-0001, TIME-0001, TIME-0002 etc

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