Mobile Features

When people work better, business works better. That’s why we offer features that allow you to rapidly deliver engaging mobile experiences for your employees.

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Mobile Benefits

Built-in offline capability.

For capturing data and printing.

Working offline is hassle-free, even with printers…and you always have the latest versions of your most important things – like forms, data sources, documents and tasks – on whatever device you’re using.

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Beautiful should be simple…

To create astonishingly beautiful reports, we start by offering two of your favorite productivity applications: Microsoft Word & Excel. Not only did this make the designer easy to learn, it made it possible to create fully customizable designs that are beautiful and versatile. Then we added your favorite document types, giving you the most familiar and comprehensive reporting solution on the market.

Write no code. Blow minds.

Drag-and-drop designers have always had a rather paradoxical goal: to create a designer that’s immensely powerful yet so simple to use, you forget that you are a citizen and not a programmer. A designer that helps you do amazing things, without ever getting in your way. Our design tools are all that. And then some.

Wait! You can do what?

Drag and drop is fast, but some users want to go a step further. So the designer lets you export the entire, no code design into Excel to turbo-charge your productivity. Rapidly modify form designs with hundreds of fields using all your favorite shortcut keys. Copy a field, a section, or an entire page from one design and paste it into another. Familiar. Rapid. Mind blowing 2X.

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Integrate with everything.

Our mobile app is wonderfully light but our server is jam-packed with advanced integrations that send or receive data swiftly between your favorite systems, including Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google BigQuery Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Twilio, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, PowerBI, a Custom API, Email, and with Zapier, add like 1,500 other systems such as, ServiceNOW, Docusign, Netsuite, Hubspot, Zendesk, Quickbooks Online, and many more.

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Make work flow better with automation.

Use powerful tasking capabilities to dispatch and workflow forms and other tasks that transform how your business works. From pre-designed routing to rules-driven and user-defined workflows, no task is ever left undone.