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Welcome to the Forms On Fire downloads page. Here you will find several forms on fire downloads and in some cases, you will be required to email us to gain access to the files. iOS and Android versions of our apps are available in the App Store or the Play Store. Feel free to do a simple search on those stores to find us. The Windows download is available from the link below and is updated each time the Windows version is updated. The Windows app is hosted on our secure platform. With all of these mobile apps, you will be required to have a login – either under a paid license subscription or under a trial subscription.

Other Downloads

Also on this pages exists the links for downloading our SYNQL product and installation instructions. You must be a paying subscriber of this product for this to work.

Marketing downloads include our product brochure, the product tour and our logo. Contact us if you need a press kit.

If you are looking for a different download and you don’t find it here, please get in touch with us.

Legacy Downloads

Finally, there is a download enclosed for InfoPath 2013. This product has been deprecated by Microsoft and is no longer supported. This is an odd download to be available on our site, but it has sentimental value to us and our clients. There is no guarantee it will work on your computer. :)

Forms On Fire for Android

APK file

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Forms On Fire for iOS

MDM Distribution .ipa

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SYNC Download

SYNC Instructions

Forms On Fire for Windows

.exe file

.exe Download

Mobile App

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