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You guys are the best!

Sergio P. Zanazzi, Director, Enterprise Applications

rftThe app has a great user-interface and is intuitive. The screen graphics are clear and easy to see. The app will enable our field team to monitor all of our land interests efficiently and offline with a form that integrates tabular data and georeferenced photos. We are still in the development/testing phase with our custom monitoring form but we are confident that we will have the results we expected, having worked with Forms on Fire in the past. Ease of Use will likely be rated a 5 once we have fully completed testing. Forms on Fire sets the bar high for customer service – the staff is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.
Kathy Browning, The Nature Conservancy

Davidson ExcavatingForms on Fire have completely simplified office procedures. It’s very easy to design the apps we need for our guys in the field!! Customer service has been fantastic!!! HIGHLY recommend!!!!

Rhiannon Thompson, COO, Davidson Excavating

Sedo LaserThey hold your hand as you learn the software. They check in on you to see if they can help. They will even create forms for you if you get too busy!
Misti Mitteis, Founder, Sedo Laser
Thornton AdvantageI have spent the last 6 months trying to find software that will all me to complete sales in person with the use of a tablet. Just by chance I came across Forms on Fire and I’m really glad I did. I received personal attention and made themselves available even after hours. The software is simple to use and filling out my forms are just as easy. If you are a small business and would like to use mobile forms then Forms on Fire is the one I would go with.
Josiah Thornton, Thornton Advantage Lawncare