Forms On Fire Legal Policies

Billing Policy

This has our Billing Policy and our Refund Policy, as well as other related policies.
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Business Associate Agreement

Legal document relating to Hipaa and protected health information (PHI).
Read our Business Associate Agreement

End User License Agreement (EULA) for Mobile

Legal terms and conditions for using the Forms On Fire mobile application.
Read our EULA for Mobile

Non-disclosure Agreement

Our non-disclosure agreement details the terms and conditions of how you must handle our confidential information and trade secrets.
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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy details the terms and conditions of how we handle your data.
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Professional Services Agreement

This is the terms and conditions you agree to when you buy any professional services from us.
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Terms of Service

This is the really long legal document that outlines all the things you agree to when you start using our software.
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Web Site Terms of Use

These are the terms and conditions for using our web site(s).  Paid subscription clients are further subject to our Terms of Service.
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