#1 Mobile Forms Software App

Collect and send data offline or online; use our no code mobile forms designer to rapidly build data collection apps for any device.

Forms On Fire is the leading mobile forms software app that lets your teams complete their forms anywhere, anytime – even offline! Our clients experience:

  • A huge reduction in data entry errors
  • 25% reduction per week of admin time saved
  • 95% reduction in the delivery time
  • 25% reduction per week of field crew time saved
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Rated highest in Customer Support, Value for Money, and Overall.

“Changes the game for mobile data collection. Unbelievable effect on our operations.”

50+ reviews 4.5 / 5.0

“Fantastic platform for easy customization and massive improvements to efficiency!”

50+ reviews 4.3 / 5.0

“Insane levels of power and customization at an affordable price. Get just what you want.”

50+ reviews 4.72 / 5.0

“Very versatile and easy to use. Excellent customer support, my users are very pleased.”

50+ reviews 4.7 / 5.0

What is Forms On Fire? Watch this 2 minute explainer video. 

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mobile forms designer

Converting your paperwork into mobile forms is as easy as drag and drop.

Design Mobile Forms.

Write no code. Blow minds.

Drag-and-drop designers have always had a rather paradoxical goal: to create a designer that’s immensely powerful yet so simple to use, you forget that you are a citizen and not a programmer. A designer that helps you do amazing things without ever getting in your way. Our software tools are all that. And then some. Mobile forms are intuitive and easy to use, which means they’re also easy for your business to support. Our app interface allows employees to use familiar actions like swiping, scrolling, and tapping to capture data, stay organized, and adapt to new forms and workflows more quickly.

  • You can recreate checklists, inspections, audits and more with the designer.
  • Drag and drop question fields to create your forms.
  • Instantly see what mobile forms will look like on mobile devices with a quick sync.

Get no code design tools, built for citizens without programming skills. Use test mode, version control, and integrate with your hardware. Mind blowing!

Complete list of mobile forms software app design controls

mobile forms designed in excel

Design Mobile Forms Using Excel.

Wait! You can do what?

Drag and drop is fast, but some users want to go a step further. So the mobile forms software designer lets you export the entire, no code design into Excel to turbo-charge your productivity. Rapidly modify your forms with hundreds of fields using all your favorite shortcut keys. Copy a field, a section, or an entire page from one design and paste it into another. Familiar. Rapid. Mind blowing 2X. Mobile forms that work. Beautifully!

Works Offline and Online.

Working offline with our mobile forms software is built-in and hassle-free, even for printers. And you always have the latest versions of your most important things – like forms, data sources, documents and tasks – on whatever device you’re using.

offline mobile forms
mobile forms reports

Microsoft Word & Excel reporting tools for your mobile forms.

Customizable Reporting.

Beautiful should be simple.

To create astonishingly beautiful reports, we start by offering two of your favorite productivity applications: Microsoft Word & Excel. Not only did this make the designer easy to learn, it made it possible to create fully customizable mobile forms report designs that are beautiful and versatile. Then we added your favorite document types, giving you the most familiar and comprehensive reporting solution on the market.

Deliver your mobile forms as a customized PDF.

  • Send your mobile forms submissions to the recipient as a PDF, Word or Excel document.
  • Design how the PDF, Word or Excel document will look when mobile forms are delivered. Create and upload a template with the customized question order, image size, your organization’s branding, and even font size and color.


Send your mobile forms data where you want, how you want.

With 1,500+ secure integrations and our OPEN REST API, Forms On Fire is the easiest way to connect your forms data. Whether you need a professional looking invoice sent as a PDF with your logo, or data delivered right into your project management application, it’s all possible with Forms On Fire.

Submit mobile forms as customized documents.

Recreate specific mandated work forms, or build custom PDFs, Word or Excel documents as templates within your Forms On Fire account. Use fields from completed forms to fill in the blanks. The end result? Mobile field data collection that gives you completed inspections and checklists that look just like the original paper copy.

Keep all your data in the cloud.

The data from your submitted forms can be delivered to your existing CRM, project management, or other online or on premise database system via our XML or JSON compatible data delivery format. Connect with Zapier to further customize your data destinations and automation, with over 1,500 connections and increasing each week. No more re-entering data into multiple systems. Mobile forms that work. Beautifully!

connections and destinations
  • Customize where data is delivered and in what format.
  • Deliver data to the tools and systems you’re already using.
  • Integrate data from your current systems with your mobile forms design.
mobile forms workflow

Automate entire workflows with a single mobile form.


Make work flow better with automation.

Use powerful tasking capabilities to dispatch and workflow mobile forms and other tasks that transform how your business works. From pre-designed routing to rules-driven and user-defined workflows, no task is ever left undone.

  • Automate your processes. There’s no limit to the number of destinations you can set up for each of your mobile forms.
  • Submit once and send forms as an emailed PDF, add photos to Dropbox, and deliver mobile forms data to your project management tool.