WAY more time was expended than expected on GDPR compliance by the developers, but we are pleased they are back to shipping new features and improvements in these final weeks of June!

The items outlined below will incrementally appear on the platform within the next month, along with a new app update for iOS, Android and Windows. We hope this helps you with planning and knowing what to expect.

App Improvements and New Features

New “Attachment” Form Field Type

A brand new “attachment” field type to the online form designer will allow the user to attach any kind of file from their device into a their form (e.g. .pdf, .xlsx, .docx, etc.).  An attached file will be uploaded to the platform and become available for download and API access, in much the same way as media files are currently accessible.  Such functionality has been a long-standing request from clients, so we’re excited to see this feature being shipped!

Dynamic Image Loading for Section, Media and Sketch Form Fields

Another long-running client request has been the ability to load images dynamically into various form fields, e.g. through a data source column or a formula result.  The developers are adding this to the relevant form field types (section, media and sketch), with support for dynamic download of images from a specific, or dynamically generated, URL.  Images downloaded in this manner will be cached on the device for faster subsequent loads.

Population of Table Fields/Rows and Repeatable Pages from a Data Source

Let’s state this another way: pre-populating table field rows and pages from a data source. This feature will open up some amazing new options for dynamic forms, but it is a very complex undertaking, and our developers are not 100% sure this feature will hit the quality requirements before the planned release dates. Progress on this feature will be posted as the status becomes more clear.

“Stretch” Option for Image Annotations

When adding an annotation to an image, app users will now be able to stretch the chosen annotation vertically or horizontally as desired to achieve a more custom annotation effect.

Force Sync Interaction Option

A new option to initiate app synchronization, based on a user interaction, is coming soon to all Screen designers, and will be included in the next app release.

Improved support for DS formula functions in Screens

Some problems/issues with specifying filters on data source (DS) formula functions in Detail and other Screens are being corrected.  Previously references to {{this}} on DS function filters were being incorrectly inferred by the app as applying to the data source assigned to the detail screen, and not the data source referenced in the formula function. This will match the capability as many clients understand it in a normal data entry form type.

Web Portal and Platform Improvements

Support for Multiple Connections of the Same Type

This will be included as an Enterprise Toolkit feature only, and will enable cases where a client wants to connect multiple accounts/systems of the same type for use in Connectors.

Minor Web Portal Tweaks

  • Uncertainty about your current Screen design version is being eliminated with a new version number tag added to the page title on all Screen design/building pages in the web portal. THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN RELEASED! :)
  • Screen design previews more accurately reflect multi-line title/hint scenarios – for example, static text added into Section fields for disclaimer purposes.
  • Data Source row exports will better handle very large row counts without failing or timing out.
  • Improvements to notifications on Connector failures, particularly the ability to identify the specific Connector that is experiencing failure.

Bug Fixes

Various app fixes will also be applied, along with a few compatibility upgrades.

  • Refresh of Global Value data is fixed, particularly when used within Icon Boards and other Screens
  • Sporadic issues with iOS QR scanning is fixed
  • A very edge case of a Table field crashing when blank rows are loaded is fixed
  • Fixed Form entry editing case in web portal where Display and Value columns were not being reflected correctly in Choices dropdowns
  • Fixed issues caused by users being able to disable all app icons as well as system/annotation icons in the Customize Icons page.
  • Fix for app crashes where a field is bound to a Data Source column as well as a Global Value