$24per user, monthly
  • $240 per user, yearly
  • iOS, Android and Windows
  • Unlimited storage
  • Email & Phone support included
  • 1,500 entries per user, monthly
  • Standard connectors


$30per user, monthly
  • $300 per user, yearly
  • Everything in Standard, plus
  • Unlimited entries
  • Premium connectors
  • Workflow / Tasking / Dispatch
  • Document management


$35per user, monthly
  • $350 per user, yearly
  • Everything in Premium, plus
  • Volume discounts
  • SSO with AAD, Okta or Ping Identity
  • Enterprise Toolkit
  • SYNC for MS SQL Server
  • Cancel anytime for monthly plans; volume discounts begin at 26 users – email us to receive volume discount schedule
  • Save 17% with pre-paid, yearly subscription, vs. monthly
  • Premium Plus edition requires 100+ users
  • Call us on +1 425-214-1920 x1 for customized pricing plans
Detailed Feature Comparison Standard Premium Premium+Plus
iOS, Android and Windows
Works online & offline
Unlimited cloud storage
Full phone and email support
Output designs using Microsoft Word & Excel
Basic form controls: text, number, date, time
Rich form controls: photos, annotation, signatures, sketches, audio, video, attachments, and dynamic images
Advanced form controls: barcodes, NFC, GPS, mapping, and navigation
Data from your systems for your forms
Excel-like logic engine including 185+ formulas
OPEN API and 2 step REST requests
Standard connectors: AWS, Azure, Box, Dropbox, FTP, Google, OneDrive, Twilio, Zapier
Zapier connector, including 1,500+ cloud systems
Multiple Connections of the same type
Launch from custom URLs (App Links)
Basic, OWASP or NIST Password Policy
Send media files as separate attachments
Premium Connectors: SharePoint; SQL Connector; PowerBI; Google Big Query
REST field in forms, allowing you to bypass our cloud
Print form entries offline directly from app
Capture unlimited entries per user (1,500 entries per user per month for Standard)
Document management for SOPs, manuals, offline videos
Workflow, tasking & dispatch for forms, docs and instructions
Recurring tasks, task connectors, task map and calendar views
Single sign-on with Okta, Azure Active Directory and Ping Identity
Enterprise features: multiple environments; repository with synchronization
SYNC for MS SQL Server

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Our pricing mindset

Mobile forms are essential tools for your on-the-go workers.  They connect those workers to your business information and they enable tangible improvements to your efficiency and accuracy.  

For years, mobile forms technology has revolved around cumbersome solutions that are expensive to implement, frustrating to use, and hard to maintain. Until recently, these technologies did not offer the value that your business NEEDS. We are changing that by offering a product that works BEAUTIFULLY. We strive to be a great value for your entire organization with a growing lineup of new features, helpful on-boarding, and uber-responsive support.

We believe Forms On Fire is an investment in your team and your business. You don’t need to spend gobs of money to harness the power of today’s mobile technologies. We provide a refreshing combination of very competitive pricing and industry-leading performance.

Engage with us today and step into a new era of mobile business technology.

Seek the good, do great work, be ridiculously helpful and keep getting better.

-Kendall Kunz, Founder and CEO

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