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  • Premium Edition

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  • The "Get Started" package will amaze you by how far one hour will get you. Select the number of hours you want!
  • Buy consulting retainers in 3 hour blocks of time. Select quantity 2 for 6 hours, 3 for 9 hours, etc.
  • Buy a full day of consulting but billed in 1 minute increments, a 6% discount from the hourly rate. Select the number of days you want.
  • Same great service, available at a 12% discount from our standard rates. Select the number of weeks you want.
  • In FOF101 - The Basics you'll receive a 1-on-1 introduction to help get you started using Forms On Fire! Please choose a time and date that best suites you HERE OR Review your download after purchase to receive further instructions.
  • Dive into some more advanced features and functionality users can utalize when designing their mobile forms during your 1-on-1, 2-hour FOF102 training class!
  • Learn the concepts, strategies, and best practices involved with the integration and management of multiple environments into your system with a 1-on-1, 4-hour, FOF202 training class.
  • Learn all about how to create dynamic output templates in the 1-on-1 2-hour FOF103 - Creating Dynamic Outputs training class.