Enterprise Toolkit Features

Enterprise Toolkit is designed for medium and large organizations. It unlocks the ability to set up multiple, separate environments as part of your company account, e.g. for Test and Production use, or to provide complete separation between various departments, projects and even franchisees. Also included is our Repository functionality which allows you to copy and synchronize apps, Docs and Data Sources between your environments.

Users existing in multiple organization are also only counted once for subscription license calculations. Further, user discount levels are based on unique users across all organizations, giving you better buying power.

Enterprise Toolkit is also necessary if your organization wants to enable Single Sign-on capability using Okta, and other SSO services. Stay tuned for more information about these other providers soon.

To enable Enterprise Toolkit, please contact our support organization on +1 425.214.1920 x2 or email support@formsonfire.com.

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